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About FatNav

About FatNav

We’ve designed the app using satellite navigation as our inspiration for both graphics and functionality. There’s more to come. Please talk to us about your experiences and how FatNav can help you more. Use our contact page or forum. We would welcome ideas from health and fitness professionals.


An ideal BMI ranges between 20-24.9 (see the table below). We have set the calculations at 24. This is will bring you to down to a healthy weight. If this is still too heavy you can still reduce your calories by no more than 500 per day and you will lose weight – never less than 1500 per day. Remember if you are near to an ideal weight it is very hard to lose weight on calorie reduction alone. Next generation FatNav will have an exercise counter to show you how increased exercise burns calories.
Sedentary lifestyle means: you are a desk worker, car user with little physical exercise.
Active lifestyle means: 60 mins of moderate exercise (e.g. walking) per day and 3 sessions of aerobic exercise per week.

BMI Ratings and a sense check

  1. Below 20 Underweight – don’t use FatNav
  2. 20-24.9 Normal – use FatNav to maintain your weight or lose a little
  3. 25-29.9 Overweight – use FatNav
  4. 30-39.9 Moderate Obesity – talk to your doctor about using FatNav
  5. Over 40 Severe Obesity – talk to your doctor about using FatNav
  6. Sense check: Your waist measurement should be no more than 50% of your height

Your Route

Just like Satellite Navigation we want to show you your journey. Follow the directions and you will be on the right road to a healthy weight. If you go off track simply turn it around. You’re not starting again you are just correcting a wrong turning.


Set timely reminders to help you keep track of your calories. This will remind you to think about the calories that you are eating. FatNav will work with both metric and imperial settings. 

Weigh  In

See your progress. It might be up and down as long as the over-all trend is down. Keep adding your new weight weekly (up or down) even when you’ve reached your journey’s end. If you gain a few pounds enter your new weight and FatNav will simply recalculate your ongoing journey. 

Food Log

The list of foods is for guidance. It’s important to understand portion size. The portion sizes in the list are quite small. Enter the item more than once if you eat more than the portion size. Be honest with your food logging. Alternatively you can free write your meals (read the packets, weigh raw ingredients) and save them as favourites.

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