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What is FatNav?  

Think of this as a life changing journey. FatNav is a weight loss and weight maintenance navigator. It will calculate and suggest an ideal weight, the calories that your body needs to maintain that current weight and it will give you a target calorie limit to help you lose weight depending upon your lifestyle activity level (warning: most of us have a sedentary lifestyle). It relies on your accurate record keeping. This is because research shows that “keeping records is the most successful way to lose weight and maintain the weight loss”. By switching on the alert function (Settings page) FatNav will remind you to enter your calories. You can use the food look up table or (better still) use the labels on food you buy.

Be honest about portion size. If you enter accurate records you will see how your actual behaviour affects your real weight. Enter your new weight every week (set the reminder) and FatNav will recalculate your new calories limits and tell you when (based on your current progress) you will arrive at your suggested weight. Remember these very important things:
  1. Don’t eat more than your calorie maintenance limit or less than your calorie target limit
  2. As you lose weight your calorie calculations will reduce too. You need fewer calories to maintain a lower body weight. 
  3. If you go off track – simply turn it around – don’t give up! You have a destination
  4. When you reach your ideal weight – keep using FatNav to maintain it!
  5. “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper”. Late night calories are stored as fat so eat regularly and finish early – don’t save calories up for the evening.

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